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Prince William Gets Asked How Would He React If His Child Comes Out Of The Closet! His Response Will Shock You!

Prince William shows his support for the Pride Campaign by visiting a U.K. based charity that helps LGBTQ youths. The charity, Albert Kennedy Trust, helps LGBTQ youth that are homeless or who live in hostile environments.

While on his visit the Prince was asked whether he had thought about any of his three kids someday coming out of the closet; Prince George (5 years), Princess Charlotte (4 years) and Prince Louis (1 year).
He was asked if one day his kids approach him and say that they’re gay then how would he react; the young man asking the question reportedly didn’t want his identity revealed.

Rebecca English, the royal correspondent, had reported that William, son of Princess Diana who was a huge LGBTQ supporter, would be “absolutely fine” with this revelation. He continued to say that the child could perhaps receive backlash from the public, after all, he would be royalty. Prince William, brother in law of Meghan Markle, had no problem if his child would belong to the community; but feared for him/her receiving backlash. The British Crown would find it a bit unconventional because it has never been done before.

21st Century is the century of the LGBTQ community and it would be most interesting to see a royal belonging to this community. Quite the morale boost for the rest of the Pride. It would also legitimize this section in the eyes of those that look down upon them.

This would make treaties and International Relations interesting; for however much, we try to convince ourselves that the LGBTQ have recognition, there’s still a long way to go.

Image Source- Harper’s Bazaar

Rebecca Mishra
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