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Willow Smith Opened Up About Something Personal But It’s Not What You Think!

Willow Smith, the daughter of Jada and Will Smith, came out about a difficult and troubling time in her life in an interview.

The 18-year-old delved into her self harm phase while sitting beside her mother and grandmother. She admitted to cutting herself for the first time last year, talking about it in a cover feature.
The time was 2010 when she was just 10-years-old and was getting famous. Her song Whip My Hair was a hit and was bringing her childhood dream to a reality.

When she was a kid she had the dream of wanting to sing, that being all she ever wanted. As a kid however she didn’t think about the downside, about the stress and the business that went with it. Even though her dream was coming true, she did not welcome the package; soon realized she wanted a different life.

As a way of acting out, she shaved her head and in consequence felt pretty liberated. Upon reaching her teens she had gotten into the habit of self-harming. She had described it as a form of release of the pain that she could feel inside. The kid had begun reading about science and spirituality which brought her to the conclusion that she should take care of her body.

She stated that she understood her body was a temple and once she had begun to see her worth the idea seemed ridiculous. Willow ended up abandoning the tour that was causing her so much stress.

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