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Elvis Presley’s Biopic: Should Harry Styles Be The Protagonist Or Ansel Elgort?

Elvis Presley has been an icon in the music industry since as long as we can remember. Baz Luhrmann, the man who created The Great Gatsby is all set to come up with another hit film. The movie will be Elvis Presley’s biopic telling the world about his legendary achievements. The role of Elvis Presley is an extremely sought-after role because of what a legend Elvis was.

Certain actors auditioned for the role and the names of those have been recently revealed.¬†According to a few sources, one of the actors who had auditioned for the role was Ansel Elgort, the protagonist of “The Fault In Our Stars.” Another actor was Aaron Taylor-Johnson who featured in the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. Miles Teller was also on the list. His movie “Whiplash” was critically acclaimed and had received commendable reviews.

To add to this, we still don’t know whether Harry Styles, former One Direction member has auditioned for the role yet. Austin Butler, who will be starring in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was apparently on the list with others too.

At this moment, we don’t know whether Warner Bros. has a preference of who will play the role of Elvis. However, what we do know is that the casting will be finalized in the upcoming weeks.

The director has confirmed that Tom Hanks will play the role of Colonel Tom Parker or Elvis’ manager. The movie will also emphasize on Presley’s relation with Tom Parker. All the actors who had auditioned for Presley’s role reportedly can sing and not just Harry Styles.

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