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PUBG PC Lite: Expansion Could Be A Lifesaver For Mobile Users!

PUBG PC Lite has finally arrived and fans are really happy about it and now it will set to break all the records. finally low specs gamers get what they want as they were unable to play PUBG PC on their systems.

But the mobile users have the biggest advantage with the expansion of PUBG lite in India. Now mobile users have some low risk in their matchmaking as they will get a lesser no of emulator players.

Why PUBG Lite Expansion Is Beneficial?

End of Emulator?

Pubg PC Lite will do one thing for sure, it will shorten Emulators users. The reason behind is simple that Emulator is not well optimized, its full of bugs and crashes. Whereas PUBG PC lite could be a great addition in the systems who loves to play on emulator.

Better Matchmaking

Now the biggest factor of the PUBG is matchmaking, Mobile and emulators players could play together and mobile players will up against the team of emulator players which is an injustice in terms of competition. With PUBG PC lite global release, PC users will get separated from the mixed matchmaking and their experience is the same as the PC versions.

Downsizing Sales, A Serious Concern

PUBG PC lite directly affects the sales of the original PUBG PC as its available for free. Whereas PUBG PC is available for 14$ on steam, so it will surely be downsizing the sales of the franchise. This is a matter of concern for the original franchise as PUBG PC lite directly hit the business of the PUBG corp. Likes of Apex Legends and Fortnite are also free to play which played a vital role in decreasing popularity of PUBG.

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