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Disappointing! Disney Stops A Father From Having Spider-Man On Son’s Grave!

Ollie Jones was a big fan of Spider-Man in his life.

And at the age of four, when he died, his grieving dad had wanted to see an image of his favorite hero.

But Disney refused to allow the etching on the tomb of Ollie, claiming it wished to maintain the “innocence” of Spider-Man. It was not a touching gesture.

The giant’s film decision confused his dad, Lloyd Jones. Ollie, from Maidstone in Kent, died in December following a two-year leukodystrophy fight, a rare genetic disease, also shared by his six-year-old sister Laillah, who said it didn’t want its characters related to the death: Children only matter if they’re alive and spend cash.

A celebrant dressed as Spider-Man and shown a horse-drawn carriage fascinated with blue and red balloons resulted in his funeral.

However, the local council was asked to contact the Walt Disney Company which owned the Marvel franchise when Mr. Jones attempted to get approval for the etching.

The American giant sent a rejection message with Ollie’s hand-written message, “Personalized cel”–a simple celluloid frame.

Mr. Jones, the six-year-old father, said:’ I didn’t really expect that — this is another huge blow. He wrote on Facebook, and added, “It doesn’t make any sense to me-characters die all the time in their movies. Ollie was at Disneyland for his last holiday. We’ve purchased him all the toys, he liked spider-man. But he is now dead and we will not expend more cash, they worry nothing.”

We extend our sincere sympathies to the family, the Disney representative wrote to the family. We are honored if we have played a minor role in Ollie’s happiness.

For this reason, we follow a policy that was initiated with Walt Disney himself that does not allow the use of the signs on the headstones, celebrations or any other memorial marker or funeral urn.

The spokesperson of the council of Maidstone said that he would do “all he could” to assist the family.

Image Source- The Hollywood Unlocked

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