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Choreographer Blames Justin Bieber For ‘Degrading Women’ Amid Taylor Swift And Scooter Braun Controversy!

The New York City choreographer, Emma Portner who has collaborated with Justin Bieber in the past for various projects including Justin’s 2015 “Life Is Worth Living” video and his 2016 Purpose World Tour. She has accused him of paying her less wage than what she deserved, both of these projects were very lucrative and she accused him of not paying her well enough because she is a woman.

In a statement, Emma came out and said that she regrets working with Bieber and she regrets giving his universe her body, she also called out on him for earning millions out of the videos and she paid very less amount for the talent and work she has put in, she also said that there were times when she couldn’t afford food and had to sweep floors to keep her passion alive.

Emma is married to actress Ellen Page and accused Bieber of “degrading women”. She continued in her Instagram stories saying that Bieber has taken the help of lesbian women to choreograph a music video.

While you go to church that does not support the LGBTQ community, she goes ahead and asks him how he feels about lesbian women working for him for a disrespectful amount of money. Lastly, she tells him to get educated beyond his Bible and to use his power in the right direction and to stop degrading women.

A Twitter account with the name Pop Crave posted the entire story that took place, here is the full story. We hope that Bieber comes out soon to talk about the allegations made on him and lets his fan know what is happening.

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