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Rumor! Are Cara Delevingne And Ashley Benson Really Engaged? Here’s The Truth Behind The Viral Rumor

Cara Delevingne, a British actor and a supermodel. She started her career as a model and become the leading face of the modeling industry, she has been awarded multiple awards for her modeling career. Cara is not only known for her acting and modeling career but also has a lot of talents. She has recently published her debut novel named mirror, mirror and has a few songs to her name too. Preparing a list with Cara’s talents on it is going to take days. But recently she has been in the news for something different.

Last month in June, Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson revealed that they have been dating for over a year. Ashley Benson is an American actress know for her role in Hannah Marin in pretty little liars.

The couple has been spotted publicly several times. The two have never been afraid of showing their affection for each other either. In one of Cara’s speeches, she described her feelings for Ashley and how much she appreciates Ashley in her life.

Image Source-Time Magazine

Fans have been obsessing over their Instagram accounts as they suspect the couple might be engaged. Cara and Ashley have neither confirmed it nor denied this fact. In some pictures, they were seen wearing matching bands on their fingers which could mean that they are engaged. Their Instagram accounts also tell a similar story as they have been sharing a lot of pictures together.

Cara And Ashley are great together and truly seem perfect for each other but whether they are actually engaged or not only time will tell!

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