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The Batman: Top Villain Contenders For The Upcoming Feature Movie!

Batman has a wide variety of villains and some of them featured in previous movies. But what about the villain for the upcoming Batman movie in which Robert Pattinson will be the protagonist.

There are several options which can be the next Villain in Batman movie:-


The mighty sword master who was fellow of Batman in the league of shadows parted his ways and adapt negativity. He is the potential candidate to take the role of an antagonist in the upcoming movie.


The mastermind who won the Gotham city with his cunningness and wit. He worked under the biggest mafias of Gotham and used them as a stairway to become one of the badass villains in Gotham City. He has some chances to become the next big thing in the Batman movie.

Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight has its description in popular game series Batman: Arkham Knight who was the companion of Scarecrow in his cruel intentions. He is also a warrior and ex-military who can provide much severe damage to Batman.

Mr. Freeze

Victor Fries was a talented scientist, with a horrible past (a violent father, no friends) that married the love of his life,¬†Nora Fries. When Nora is diagnosed with a rare terminal illness, Victor’s life begins to spiral downhill. In a desperate attempt to save her life, he begins work at a large corporate company run by the evil and corrupted¬†Ferris Boyle. Fries, as he cannot find a way to cure Nora, finds a way to place her in cryo-stasis. In order to save Nora, he has to steal equipment from the company he is working for.

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