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Erykah Badu Reveals She Fought Rickey Smiley’s Mom Multiple Times!

Erykah Badu is definitely famous. Actually famous. Famous enough to attract many known personalities. Her career did have a few ups and downs but she bore it with 48 years of her life. The singer-songwriter is a definite inspiration to many people, but she has a private life too.

As I said, she is famous enough to attract various personalities. One of the people who she dated was Comedian Rickey Smiley. Not just that she has also been into a quarrel with his mother a few times. How many times are a few times, you ask? Well, three times as she in the post and one recently. And if you’re thinking it’s just a flame war, your assumptions are cute.

On Tuesday, Erykah took out to her Instagram and showed all her animosity for Rickey’s mom, Carolita Smiley Lester. They exchanged some punches at each for a good time now and Erykah actually received a good blow from Carolita Smiley recently.

Erykah was at a Dallas show and Smiley’s mother was waiting for her. Erykah would have to fight her normally but Smiley took the singer by surprise. Smiley caught right Erykah right in her jaw.

After that Erykah took a lengthy post to describe all the details of her surprise attack. She even said she loved Rickey and how good of a person he was, but at the end moment, they had to go their ways because of Rickey’s mother. Erykah seems to be feared of nothing when she openly revealed the details of their fight. Rickey also commented on the post saying: “I’m crying!!!!!”

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