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Halo Infinite: Will There Be A Battle Royale Mode?

Microsoft has his ace in the world of Gaming and it is Halo, It is one of the best shooting games around the world. Halo Infinite is the next installment which is on the cards for Microsoft

Here are some facts about Halo Infinite:

Release Date

Release date of Halo Infinite is confirmed in the month of November.


343 are the developers of the Halo Infinite.


Halo has its priority only on Xbox consoles and it will release on it first. It is not decided that the game will release on other platforms.


The Halo Infinite story will mainly focus on Master chief and Spartan Locke. So 343 developers will again back to its roots and refocusing saga on Master Chief.

Game Modes

It is reported that Halo could have a battle royale feature in the upcoming Halo Infinite. But later Developers decline the fact of the battle royale segment adding to Halo which makes the game look weird but there will be customization in squad building.

Halo Gear

There will be a set of VR gadgets for the unique experience of Halo Infinite.


Halo Infinite game trailer was launched in June 2018. You can watch the trailer here:

Game Mechanics

Halo Infinite is also based on the mechanics used in previous Halo games but there could be a modern weapon system to be introduced in the game.

So developers already ruled out the possibility of a Battle Royale segment in the game. So Halo will be pure root based action in the next edition.

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