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Netflix’s Otherhood: Premiere Date, Cast, And Other Potential Details

My apologies but I just had to do that but honestly it is not my mistake. Lately, I have been thinking if do not wake to the sound of Netflix in the morning what have I been working on? They have an incredible catalogue and we just cannot help but watch, at least try as the catalogue is humongous, everything that catches our eyes. Add to that list Otherhood.

Otherhood is an upcoming Netflix film directed by Cindy Chupak. Cindy is an award-winning screenwriter and film director known for being the producer of sex and the city and the modern family. Netflix released the trailer yesterday and it looks great.

The cast includes Patricia Arquette, Felicity Huffman Angela Bassett Jake Lacy, Sinqua Walls and Jake Hoffman to name a few. And if you are wondering, yes it is the same Jake lacy who is known for his role in The Office’s, US, ninth season as Pete Miller.

Carol -Angela Bassett, Gillian – Patricia Arquette and Helen -Felicity Huffman decide to drive down to New York to complete a mission. Their mission is to drive to New York and reconnect with their sons who seem to have forgotten about their mothers and gotten preoccupied in their lives in the Big Apple. Their journey of trying to fix their relationship with their sons and rediscovering their own lives is what this movie is all about.


The movie will drop on Netflix on 2 August 2019 which is a Friday. It is scheduled to have its world premiere on July 21 at 51Fest.

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