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Tupac’s Love Letter To Madonna From 1995 Will Go To Auction On July 17!

Tupac Shakur and his story still give us chills. He is considered as one of the greatest American rappers of all time. The rapper was ‘assassinated’ on 13 September 1996, a year after this letter was written to Madonna. The apparent love letter consists of 3 pages and will be open for bidding online starting from July 17.

This letter has been juggling between two parties and is connected with an ordeal. Madonna had been trying to block the deal, but an auction wanted to sell it. Tupac wrote the letter while he was in prison and it also contains his signature. Since the letter is expected to be sold at the cost of a fortune, the auction process got through after numerous hassles.

The opening bidding is $100,000 but who knows what they auctioneers will bag home. In the letter, Tupac breaks off his ‘no strings attached’ relationship with Madonna because she is white.

Source- Ebony Magazine

Madonna tried to do all that she could do in her power to stop the sale of the letter. She even filed a lawsuit against Darlene Lutz, one of her old friends. But the lawsuit couldn’t stop the sale of this precious letter and the judge claimed that Madonna could not sue.

The ongoing legal battle turned ugly when Madonna filed an appeal to stop the letter from going into the hands of somebody. However, nothing worked out in the singer’s favor and Darlene is going ahead with the auction idea anyway. A part of the profits will be given to a breast cancer awareness organization because Darlene herself is a cancer survivor.

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