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TWICE’s Mina’s Health Issues Might Be A Hurdle In Her ‘TWICELIGHTS’ Tour!

The 22-year-old singer and girls in the group will stop activities because of the health issues, confirmed group agency JYPE. JYP Entertainment sent an official notice to the supporters on July 11, which would update them on the health of TWICE Member Mina.

JYPE said that the sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity that we have at present at Mina are experiencing on stage. We have no precise diagnostic to date, we consulted several healthcare professionals in order to verify the cause in detail. Following a thorough discussion with Mina and TWICE, we have decided that further treatment, professional measures, is required in order to be presented to Mina.

Mina was previously unable to participate at the Pocari Teen Challenge Festival because of an undisclosed health concern.

Mina was raised in the USA— San Antonio, Texas due to the job of her dad. Her parents are both Japanese and, after she turned 3, she moved back to Japan. TWICE often plays on her being a resident of her United States (which she is, legally,), but leaves too soon to know plenty of English. The highest pronunciation she has in the group is in English.

When she was a kid, she moved to Kobe, Japan. She is the lead dancer and a vocalist in the band. In 2013, a JYP Entertainment staff member scouted her and asked her to join JYP Entertainment Global during her shopping with her mom. On 2 January 2014, she auditioned for a JYP audition in Japan and entered the South Korean traineeship program.

Source- Kpop Profiles

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