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Who Is Your Favorite Duo From Stranger Things? Dustin And Steve Are Ours!

The main element that makes it worth watching every season of strangers— particularly if you rapidly draw on the formulation of the monsters — is the relations between all of our favorite characters.

Whether it is the friendship of our four kids, the familial relationship between the Byers (or Hopper and Eleven), or even the seasonally romantic developments, the love we share holds us back season after season. And we’ve got a fresh bond with the introduction of Robin in season three, namely the relationship between her and the top-level babysitter of Hawkins, Steve Harrington.

Who realized the break-out star of Stranger Things was to be Steve and Dustin of all? Dustin was the kid without teeth back in the first season. Steve was a famous boyfriend of Nancy who had intimidated Jonathan and sprayed nasty stuff at the local theatre. But two seasons later, thanks to their surprising depth and wonderful chemistry,  they are this Netflix’s show’s most famous characters.

Seasons 2 and 3 had been marked by hilarious times, often descending in friendly ribbing between the two.

The most hilarious part was to touch the ass of your friend. Steve stupidly pushes his feet to push Dustin through a small blow when he tries to force him through. With no such sadness, Dustin tells him to throw it by the knob, crying out, “I don’t worry, touch my butt!”

Naturally, this only leads to more sadness; and Robin is only able to look at the two idiots with whom she is stuck on this illegal mission and shake her head in deceit. It’s a funny scene, and it shows that Steve and Dustin are BFFs. As if it hadn’t already been evident!

Source – Newsweek

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