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Why Gaming Console Still Lagging Behind In Shooting Games?

A gaming console offers a reliable and smooth experience of gaming which is the most preferred way in terms of playing a game. Many game types are successful on consoles except shooting segment. console gamers face many kinds of difficulties while playing shooting games.

Target Aiming Problems

The basic problem in console gaming is target aiming which is quite difficult if you’re not getting used to it. So for a noob, shooting games on console is like not playing on the same level as PC noobs. In shooting games, aiming is fundamental and if it fails then walking and hanging around is not an option.

Expansion in Technology

It’s console against console but a little bit of modification in the way of playing. Currently, console gamers face more competition due to Keyboard-mouse interface in consoles. It is used by some consoles gamers as it’s not much popular but it’s ruining the experience of shooting games.

Sensitivity Issues

Gaming Consoles have major problems regarding the sensitivity of a specific shooting game. If there be a cross-platform game then there must be a huge advantage for PC gamers to conquer. Whereas console gamer doesn’t have enough time to react to what’s coming next due to aim. Movement mechanics of gamepads are fine but sensitivity issues ruin the experience of gaming.

So it’s better to be in the level of competition and buy a specialized combo of keyboard and mouse for a better experience. It’s not cheating in ethical ways but to enhance your smooth experience which was almost bad.

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