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Will Devil May Cry 6 Happen In Near Future?

Devil May Cry 5 unlocks all the secrets and the both Sparda children were against each other. Vergil took his own child’s demonic hand to get more power.

He nearly got invincible and eliminate his all threats in one go. But somehow they managed to defeat him but with the help of V, he once again gained his pure form.

As the storyline doesn’t have any traces of follow up, so the next edition is in heavy doubt.

Devil May Cry 6 Possibility

Devil May Cry 6 is in much doubt, according to its storyline there is nothing much remain for the next edition. But as both brothers are still alive and there is a chance that story could go further and another antagonist on its way.

Sales Consideration

However, Devil May Cry 5 is a major hit in terms of sales and revenue. So extending the series will not be a bad idea either, over 2 million copies in 2 weeks.

What could happen in Devil May Cry

Now it’s important to make a character who holds the series for a long time. In Devil May Cry 5, V is the new character introduced in the series. Now new character should be introduced for the newer versions and Dante and Virgil should be in special appearances.

Nero is the only character which could lead the story onwards and worthy of the protagonist. A new Demon should be introduced which is much powerful and could shake the world of the current scenario of the demonic family. It is fair to say that new badman could kill both sons of Sparda.


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