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Amazon’s Founder Jeff Bezos Binged Watched Stranger Things Season 3 !Praises the Netflix Original on Instagram !

Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos recently posted an Instagram picture appraising the Original Netflix series The Stranger Things with the caption “Binged Stranger things season 3 yesterday with my kids and a few of their friends. God, Eggos are good, and the show was the even better .Awesome season .”  Jeff Bezos just revealed here that he is a big fan of Netflix drama despite it being a complete rival and strongest competitors to Amazon prime.

The photograph posted is appearing to be aesthetically appealing with the lights on the wall  which is related to the character of Joyce(played by Winona Ryder ) who uses it communicate with her son , Will when he is trapped in the other universe whereas  the packet of snack eggos (a frozen waffle brand from Kellogg Company)which is favorite and best snack choice for the character, Eleven in the series .

The post gathered around 69,000 likes with people who came up with all sorts of comments. The main thought that struck and even astonished the followers were Jeff promoting Netflix. But despite that, it was gracious enough to praise good content regardless of where it was aired and gave us a break from the cutthroat competition that often is at a great rise in the Media industry!

Image Source-politico.com

Netflix is also a client of Amazon’s as it uses Amazon Web Service to host its videos.

The popularity of Stranger Things Season 3 is so much on the roll that even Jeff Bezos binged on it and referred to everyone for a must-watch. It’s a worldwide hit for its fans,
According to Netflix the latest season which was released on 4 July, is breaking the streaming giant’s own records as 40.7 million “household accounts” have been watching the show ever since its global release on Thursday.

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