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PES 2020: Major Improvements Of This Year’s Edition!

PES 2020 is on its way and some football fans are excited about it too as a new engine finally implemented. As PES made so many changes that could build the hype once again despite omitted licenses of European Leagues.

Name Change

The first thing Konami did with PES is they have given it a new name Like Uber eats Ligue 1. Now PES will be known as e-Football now onwards which referred the previous title PES.

Finesse Dribble

Now we are talking about major changes in the engine of the game as dribbling is now more realistic. Andres Iniesta, the head advisor of the game helped the developers to make dribbling more enhanced and user-oriented. Players can use both analog sticks to perform a perfect dribble move.

Dummy Kick

PES lacks the dummy moves as the movement is concerned or shooting, However now PES improvised the section. Players can do more dummy moves easily without losing the ball such as fake shots and pass.

Context-Sensitive kick Accuracy

PES has many problems regarding its shooting, as it sometimes lacks accuracy and power which cause game in danger. Chance missing is common in PES as a simple tap-in could hover over the Bar and goal kick as a resultant. But now long range and short range shots or long balls will be accurate enough as there are not so many margins of errors.

Improved Ball Physics

The best thing PES did is to improvise the ball control for the players. the first touch is now much better and passes can be moved swiftly than ever.

So this PES is so much advanced rather than previous versions, However, UEFA license would be missed. But if you are a Barcelona fan then you must like this game as it is fully licensed.

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