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A Heinous Crime Ever: Parents Raped Their 2 Years Old Innocent Daughter

“A mother and father raped their two-year-old daughter in Oklahoma and hatched a plot to rape their unborn baby, court documents claim.”

Gerrad Coddington(25) and his wife Christina Nelson-Coddington(29) reportedly beat, handcuffed and raped their two years old daughter. The incident took place in Oklahoma City on Wednesday. The incident first source was a case document file

Court papers filed Wednesday revealed that Gerrad, of Oklahoma City, also conspired to rape his unborn child. He and his wife are revealed to have beaten, handcuffed and tortured their child.

They were originally arrested on 14th June for this shameful crime under the violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act and Child Pornography.

An ongoing investigation into the couple saw upgraded charges including first-degree child rape, incest and child abuse filled earlier this week.

Image Source-Metro

That charge carries a maximum 20-year sentence in Oklahoma jail, but up to 10 years longer if a conviction is obtained in a federal court. The rapist are being held in Garvin County Jail in lieu of $5million bond each ahead of their next court appearance.

This Heinous crime is utterly shameful for all the people of the US. Shades under Parents are considered to be the safest and most blessing but acts like this could break the trust and could ruin the most beautiful relation of parents and children on earth. The USĀ  Government should take an extreme step for avoiding these kinds of acts.

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