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A Seattle Nursing Assistant Caught On Tape Raping A 50-Year-Old Disabled Woman

Earlier this month, the Seattle PD arrested a nursing assistant for repeatedly raping a disabled woman who is 50 years old in a care home.

The convicted man, Nshimiyiana O. Hamzat, who is currently 29 years old was charged correctly for his crimes. Hazmat was charged with first-degree as well as second-degree rape, and also indecent liberties. He was caught after a hidden camera was placed where the crime took place, the victim’s room to be precise. It was later found out that Hazmat had been repeatedly raping the woman after he was caught on tape.

The camera was installed by the victim’s family in the room. The woman informed the family that she was being repeatedly being abused by Hazmat. After the complaint, the family reported the crime to the police and later installed a camera to gather proof against the assaulter.

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When confronted the assaulter, he denied doing any such acts. On showing the proof to Hazmat, he claimed that it was ‘patient care’. As the videos were carefully monitored, it was found out that the nursing assistant abused the 50-year-old woman twice a day on two different days. It was unclear in the videos the extent of the sexual offense.

His bail has been set at $200,000 as was reported by KIRO. Hazmat is now booked for King County jail.

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