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Aliens’ Presence Felt In Austria! Citizens Find Cell Phone Like Device With Sign Language!

Can it be that the theories we heard about aliens came true, and they left their properties on Earth by mistake or deliberately, while they went? Well, a tablet discovered in Austria lately suggests that it could be left behind by aliens when they came through in ancient times.

Archaeologists have discovered in Austria a cell or cordless phone like a tablet. What seems weird are the topics on which Cuneiform’s texts are scribbled. Cuneiform is one of the earliest writing systems that the Sumerians invented. What is uncommon is that the language is not of the nation the tablet is discovered in.

The place where the language discovered its origin and is finally commonly used in the same field is Mesopotamia, which in today’s Iraq is modern. The tablet was dated back to 13th century BCE and almost 1000 years in Mesopotamia the Sumerian language grafted on it already existed.

The question, therefore, comes up, why has the mobile-looking tablet been found where there are no cuneiform traces? Austria is not one of the once-known nations of Sumeria or Mesopotamia, such as Iran, Iraq, and others. Zecharia Sitchin has something interesting to say while experts are working on different theories to answer this question writer.

Anunnaki theoretically left Anunnaki, who was named Nibiru, the aliens of the rumorous planet X beyond Neptune. This was when a Sumerian civilization was created. They tried to introduce the Cuneiform to the cellular device, according to his convictions. It’s just to discover it’s not their teacup.

However, the theory can’t be guaranteed. Whether the phone was there due to aliens from another planet is still a matter of issue. Or because of the transport of people from one place to another.

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