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Area 51: Major Conspiracies That Justifies Presence Of Aliens In The Premises

Area 51 has recently been in the news due to an event on Facebook. Area 51 is linked to several conspiracies which indicate the presence of Aliens in the facility. Do you think it is true?

Why Is It Trending again?

Area 51 has been in the news now and again for a different reason but recently due to a Facebook event. The event which is named “Storm Area 51, They cannot stop all of us” which points towards it being a fake event, describes the event as follows,” We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them, aliens.” The creators of this event have admitted that it is just a joke.

Image Source- Washington Post

Truth About the conspiracies

Area 51, located in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, has been surrounded by conspiracies. Conspiracy Theorist believes that many of the remaining parts of the suspected UFO spacecraft have been stored inside the facility and the scientists might be trying to reverse engineer the technology. This is believed as many of the stealth air crafts produced were only disclosed to the public after they had been put out of use.

Also, the fact that the area is first of all huge and also has unmatched security. Area 51 is in close proximity to an Air Force Base with advanced weapon systems. The fine levied if caught trespassing the area is huge and deadly force can be used to stop the trespassers. There have also been several UFO sightings in the area which just adds to the conspiracies.

True or not, the event has got the attention it was looking for and the internet has found something to meme about.

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