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Call Of Duty Mobile: Tencent Gaming Emulator Will Be A Major Boost For The Franchise!

Battle Royale segment is a big thing in the world of gaming, as PUBG and Fortnite are the masterpieces. Call of Duty tried the same way with the release of Blackout for PC and Consoles. But the developers also had their hands on the mobile version of the game.

Call of Duty Mobile recently got its beta version and the release is just a step far away. Users prefer Call of Duty over any fps shooting game and if it’s necessary on mobile devices.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Launch

However, Tencent gaming buddy is quite popular for PUBG Mobile and massively appreciated by the fans. Now it is reported that Call of Duty Mobile will also be on the system and expected a major boost in terms of popularity.

Is it Possible?

This could happen for real as both the games were published by Tencent and emulator is also developed by Tencent. So you can expect a possible emulator platform for the Call of Duty Mobile just like PUBG Mobile.

What Will Happen to PUBG After it’s Release?

PUBG Mobile on emulator systems is in more imminent danger as the PUBG Lite version is already launched. Now after the release of Call of Duty Mobile, users will definitely shift towards the motion and play Call of Duty Mobile for sure.

So this could be a prevented measure of Tencent Gaming Buddy to overcome the enhancing success of PUBG PC lite. if Call of Duty will release soon as possible, then it could be reincarnation for the forgotten emulator.

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