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Chris Martin Dumped Dakota Johnson For Dua Lipa! The Truth Behind The Viral Rumor

The rumor floating around is that the former Coldplay singer, Chris Martin locked lips with the “New Rules” singer, Dua Lipa. According to sources, the duo was seen getting cozy during the Glastonbury Festival. The two spent a lot of time together and also talked to each other for ages as said by a source. Allegedly the singers were seen sharing a kiss during the festival which sparked dating rumors.

It has not been that long since Chris Martin broke up with his long-time girlfriend, the Fifty Shades Of Gray star, Dakota Johnson. They had been dating for a long time and allegedly they broke up because Dakota did not want to have children. Dua Lipa also recently broke up with her long-time boyfriend, the model, and chef Isaac Carew. The couple had been dating for eighteen months and their break up came up as a surprise to the fans.

Dua Lipa and Chris Martin have a brief history together. They collaborated for Dua Lipa’s song Homesick in 2017 which sparked dating rumors as the singers were supposedly seen flirting.

The singers, however, deny all dating rumors. They state that they were in the same area as the Glastonbury Festival with other friends. They also stated that they are just friends and confirm that they did not kiss at all.

Even if the kissing rumors are not true, we cannot deny that both the singers are newly single. This leaves space for speculation that something could happen between them.

Source- Us Weekly

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