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Gamescom 2019: What Different Can Event Bring From E3?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Game’s name already confirmed and trailer is out and fans can’t stop their excitement for the title. But it is very unlucky for them that they will not be getting even a glimpse of the gameplay. So currently all they can do is to rejoice the fact that they will get the game this year.

However, there is no statement from Activision why they ruled out the gameplay reveal at the event. We can see the game progressing as some football players already tested it. So we could see the gameplay at the various platform or there will be no gameplay before the launch. So anything could happen regarding the gameplay of the Activision masterpiece.

Gameplay Reveal At Gamescom

E3 didn’t display a tiny glimpse of the gameplay of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. But it is reported that the game had a secret screen for the gameplay at the event. But we are ruling out this as a fake cause there is no gameplay currently. According to leaks, the first mission will be in the night mode which will take you down to the memory lanes of the first Modern Warfare. So the gameplay is expected to be revealed at Gamescom, another event for gaming.

FIFA 20 – Volta Mode

There was just a little session of FIFA street in the journey section of the game. This edition is so much appreciated by the fans and they will love that street mode introduced in the FIFA 20. FIFA Street is also another franchise of FIFA but its not on their plate anymore. So adding street mode in the FIFA 20 is a bonus for fans and it could be a moment of rejoicing for them as two games merged in one. It is nicknamed as Volta, which features both the males and females players.

Expected Reveal of Volta Gameplay

There are higher chances that the gameplay will reveal soon in a month or two. Before the demo release, there will be some more sessions of gameplay by EA. So the gameplay is fully expected at Gamescom event where fans can see the glimpse of new Volta mode.

Marvel Avengers

After Avengers: Endgame, There is good news for the Marvel fans asĀ  The Marvel Avengers was all set for release next year. As the game announced as part of a new partnership with Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix early last year. The game will release on 15th May 2020 as confirmed by both Marvel and Square Enix.


However, in the trailer, there was a bit of gameplay but it’s not worth for a showcase. So the status of Marvel Avengers gameplay is still unknown, leaked footage also doesn’t ring any bells.


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