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Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Will The Game Come Out On PC?

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is confirmed on Ps5 consoles and it will release in 2021 but the PS4 and PS4 Pro are not on the list for the release of the game. Horizon Zero Dawn has left some plot holes in their storyline and so there is much more to come in upcoming years. It is not confirmed the release date of  Horizon Zero Dawn 2 yet but the project is in development.

PS4 and PS4 pro were omitted from the platforms sections of the release but what about Pc? will the game come out on PC. It’s strange but it could happen in the future.

Why Game will release on Pc?

If this happens this will not be the first time that a game on the console will release on Pc. A recent case of Red Dead Redemption series whereas the first part of the game only available on consoles. But in case of Red Dead Redemption 2 game already launched on Consoles and later it already confirmed that game will come out on pc too.

Same case with GTA 5 whereas it’s only available for Consoles but later it launched it on pc too. So there are chances that game will come out on pc too.

But there is a twist that Horizon Zero Dawn 1 is to be the first one on the list which could make an entrance in the segment of PC.

So as a neutral point of view, the game should be released on every platform, a year later but it should release on Pc too. But our opinion doesn’t matter much.

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