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Jennifer Aniston Spotted Kissing A Mystery Man, Is That Her New Boyfriend?

After her split with Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston remained single lady; on 11 July she was scooped with a man of mystery with a smooch.

Jennifer Aniston, 50 years old, seems to have spent time with a freshman. On 11 July, the actress from Murder Mystery struck West Hollywood, chatting up with an unknown person. The two had supper that night with friends in a restaurant and Jen pulled her buddy for a sweet embrace after they had divided. The guy then wrapped a hand around his waist and planted a kiss on Jen’s cheek. For her outing with friends, the star looked drop-dead-stupid with a red Maxi Skirt and a black tight top. While we may not understand her new masculine friend, it seems that they are close to each other!

Although Jennifer was not romantically connected to anyone since late, she talked to the press with a view to dating. The star divided up in February 2018 with Justin Theroux who spoke lately as to whether she was looking for a fresh love in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “My focus was on the show, so dating is not my first priority,” Jen stated. “I feel like what it looks like, it’s going to appear and it’s not going to look for it, you know?” She said the release.

Jen is not giving priority to dating right now, it is understandable. The actress has been tremendously busy filming and releasing her initial film Netflix, Murder Mystery, and HL has only been told that the film helped her to discover a firm foundation. Jennifer is in a nice location immediately after the split with Justin Theroux and has no connection. She’s very pleased and she’s not concentrated and working on anybody or anything but herself. A source close to the stars says in an interview, she keeps herself surrounded by a very tiny group of long faithful friends. She’s so pleased that her new show and the Netflix film are released.

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