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Mindhunter Season 2 To Premiere This August! Here’s Everything You Should Know Before Watching Season 2

It is confirmed Mindhunter is coming up with their season after two long years. Holden Ford is all set to chase countries most prolific serial killers once again. The season two will premiere on 16 August 2019. We were also shared some plot twists by its co-executive producer David Fincher.

He mentioned that this season of Mindhunter will be dedicated to the Atlanta Child Murders, which was a serious crime spree that took place in Georgia which killed almost 29 African American children in Georgia. Wayne Williams was convicted for two of the murders but there is still doubt as too who did all these.

Source- pressfrom.info

Fincher said that these horrific crimes can be covered in three seasons because there is a lot of information and the involvement of the FBI in the case made it even more enriching, while we can see that the first season focused more on the birth of FBI’s criminal psychology and how it works whereas in the second season we will be able to see real notion of serial- killers and how FBI takes an active part in the investigations.

Fincher also said, “It’s a divided battlefield and they are coming in to try to throw this federal umbrella over everything to make everybody feel OK about sharing information”.

Fans are very excited for the release of this season and are hoping to get to see some really interesting investigation. Fincher also mentioned that the entire cast will be back for the season including Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv and Stacey Roca.

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