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No Competition Between Us And PewDiePie, T-Series Responds Clearing All Rumours In The Air.

Clash of the titans of YouTube. PewDiePie and T series. On one hand, we have a production house that has released songs after songs in India. On the other, a Swedish YouTuber with his army of nine-year-olds.

Felix is obviously one of the topmost viewed channels in the history of YouTube with close to 100 million subscriptions to his YouTube channel. Felix, who is known for his famous Happy Wheels series and edgy content which the fans seem to love.

The drama started when T series started rising in the charts and speculations started if it was the time that Felix’s era on YouTube ends.

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T-Series has cleared the air that there was no competition between the two. During an interview with Bhushan Kumar, T-Series Chairman, and MD gave the following statement,

“It was an unnecessary thing, which started from his side. We reacted by not saying anything against him when he was saying many things against our company and our country. We were a little paranoid initially. We launched a campaign ‘Bharat Wins’ on YouTube. They were hacking Google accounts and were forcing people to subscribe to PewDiePie. We knew it will die out and it did. It is still stuck at 9.7 crores and we are now close to 10.5 crore subscribers roughly on YouTube. Actually, there is no competition between us and PewDiePie. According to me, PewDiePie is the number one independent creator on YouTube and we are a company.”

This statement clearly states that there was no competition and situation wasn’t anything to be made a deal to start with, and Felix and several other YouTubers who were supporting him were not serious about the situation and aiming at some humor.

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