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Pennsylvania Flood Sweeps A Pregnant Mother And Her Son! Both Found Dead

Floods have hit Pennsylvania and there are heavy casualties. A flash flood emergency was issued in the eastern areas of Pennsylvania as more than 6 inches of rainfall has been recorded.

It started first as heavy rainfall and triggered landslides. This caused a blockage to routes and hospitals. Route 28 was eventually closed due to this reason. NWS Pennsylvania issued flood warning soon after that.

Officials are urging the locals to move to higher ground as soon as possible. In that situation, a pregnant woman with her son was found missing. This caused an outbreak in her family. Officials have also reported that moving out in this situation is deadly and can be life-threatening.  The situation in Pennsylvania is as worse as people have to be rescued from the second floors of their houses.

That pregnant woman and her son were found with the car she drove washed away about half a mile from the Manatawny Creek on Thursday night. Although they were both found dead, the car was discovered by the Douglass Township officials and they said it washed off about half a mile from the Manatawny Creek. She apparently called the Douglas officials when the flooding became extreme and suddenly the line was cut.

The woman is identified as Pam Vera Snyder and her 9-year-old son Preston but police said they were found almost five hours of their searching. Due to the flood, many of the roadways have been blocked and Pennsylvania is currently facing a life-threatening situation. May she and her child rest in peace.

Source- New York Post

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