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Ray Tracing: Popular Games Which Will Show Huge Impact Of Ray Tracing!

Best Showcase for Ray Tracing 

Ray Tracing is one of the major factors which became so much decisive in terms of Gaming and it adds a real composure to the Game. Ray tracing is quite popular in Nvidia high-end RTX series cards but the good news for older graphics cards version is that it is available for 10 series and 16 series cards.


After watching some sequences of Control’s gameplay, we will definitely relate it to Quantum Break. Quantum Break was also developed by Remedy and it looks like it is based on its code. Gameplay mechanics of the game is a joy to watch, the character can use her mere supernatural powers in a lost city. This game’s gameplay is enough to build hype and it truly deserved it. We will see more action when the game will release on 27th August.

Wolfenstein Youngblood

The Gameplay of the Wolfenstein Youngblood is none less than epic Call of Duty. However, the game features the story of sisters, so the game could be multiplayer like A way out. So these things make the game much more exciting than previous installations. Same screen Multiplayer has an immense impact on the gaming world.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 will also be based on Ray Tracing and will show the immense impact of the latest technology. Enviourmment and the mechanics will totally have a dependence upon the latest move by the game developers.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

It is believed that for a proper competition, Call of Duty opened the doors for Ray Tracing in the game. Battlefield 5 is the first game which introduces the ray tracing in shooting games.

The biggest showcase done by the game is that it enhances the value of Ray-Tracing. previously Battlefield 5 and much other game has shown the Ray Tracing but these games will have a special case. It will have Improved shadows, opaque and transparent reflections, ambient color around objects. the game will take advantage of Nvidia’s RTX cores in ways no other game did it in the method of Ray-Tracing.


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