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Rumor Alert ! Captain Marvel Star Lashana Lynch Replaces Daniel Craig As The 007! Here’s The Truth

The Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch, 31 whose warm, witty and unforgettable performance of a single mom and Air force pilot in the latest Marvel Installment made her a hot topic among fans. Now has been recently rumored to be in James Bond 25 film said to be replacing the 007 titled Daniel Craig, 51! Is Lashana Lynch playing the new 007 replacement in Bond 25? It might be possible, here is the truth!

Bond 25, which is being directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga after Danny Boyle left the project due to creative indifferences, is all set to hit the theaters next year on April 8th, 2020. Already having Lynch playing a character called Nomi, but little else is known about her role. According to officials, Lynch’s character has been made her official replacement within the organization.

Rumors have it and making us curious about the fact that a recent Bond 25 set photograph featured Nomi wearing a safari jacket one of the 007’s favorite and famous outfit. It might be possible that she will carry on the legacy of Daniel Craig as it is his last movie as the contract will be going to over and someone has to fill his space now.

Image Source- Vox

Looking at Bond 25‘s cast list, there’s no one who fits the role better than Lashana Lynch, as she is also a British and usually Bond Cast Brits in their roles, also she has proved to have the ability to tackle key roles in big franchise movies such as MCU’s blockbuster Captain Marvel where she acted as the fierce Air force pilot and a good emotional character looking for her lost friend in a much warm way .

There has been a lot going on as sources are finding ways to know the truth about a woman taking (Lashana here )on the role of James Bond in the franchise’s future movies. We will find the truth for sure after the movie hits the theaters. Till then stay tuned!

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