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Stranger Things Season 4: Everything You Should know About The Renewal!

Stranger Things Season 3 ends and it possibly left some marks for another season. And it will be on the cards for Netflix next year for sure.

Possibility of Season 4

There is a 100% possibility that the show will get its fourth season for sure. At the time of the release of season 3, it is confirmed that the Season 4 will be the end of the show. Executive Producer Shawn Levy already revealed that “I will say we have a good sense of stuff that happens in Season 4,” he said. “Season 4 is definitely happening.”

So Season 4 is come for sure and fans are already excited for its renewal.

Release Date

The Release date of the show could be same as Season 3 as it was 4th July 2019. so again season 4 will get its release date on 4th July 2020 (Expected).


now the main focus is on the antagonist of the show, after the termination of mind flayer in season 3. Who will be the monster in season 4, it is believed that Mind Flayer could get a comeback somehow as there are still traces of his return. He is a paradox of people of Hawkins, but the main thing is Heather Holloway, one of the leaders for the union speculation. She was still missing at the time of Mind Flayer met his end, but the gate is a serious concern and he could be brought back with the opening of the gate.


The whole cast will be the same as there is much doubt on the survival of Jim Hopper. he could be alive as he saved himself from the blast in the end and somehow captured by Russians.

So Season 4 will be the craziest we are rooting on and if you haven’t watched Season 3 then do it before you got flayed.


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