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Stranger Things Season 4 : Predicted Release Date And Plot Revealed!

Stranger things Netflix sci-fi horror’s marathon started from season 1 and now has come up with its two successfully hit seasons. The die-hard fans and watchers of the series are eagerly waiting for the show to expand as much as possible as they can’t just get enough. The key scene is the last episode of season 3, make us wonder the arrival of the next season.

The Executive producer of Stranger things “Shawn Levy” has already confirmed the same statement that  “I will say we have a good sense of stuff that happens in Season 4,” he said. “Season 4 is definitely happening.”

Thereby, to predict the dates we can compare Stranger Things previous events and its Netflix releases to the simultaneous events appearing with the onset of every season. Just like Season 2 released right before Halloween (October 2017) and featured a trick and treat plotline. Also when Season 3 dropped on July 4 and culminated in the Fourth of July, the carnival which was the major celebrated day in America. So it stands to reason that Stranger Things Season 4 will do the same thing whenever it arrives. So, a fall or winter 2020 launch for Season 4 can be predicted!

Source- NBC News

Talking about the plot for  Stranger Things Season 4.The post-credit scenes hinted a lot about the next series. The Soviet Union is surely gonna be there, the scenes are expected to take place in 1986, and also could revolve around setting us up for a huge USSR connected Plot to one of the most historic nuclear energy disasters of the entire decade “THE CHERNOBYL DISASTER”. Who knows the Russians could have other facilities of upside down? The new series could have the whole plotline twisted! Jim Hopper’s could be back? Who knows.

It’s would be exciting to watch the series overlap multiple time dimensions and set new records for its fandom. Stay Tuned!

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