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The Real Truth About Area 51 Is Too Dark And Confidential! Why Are We Not Allowed To Go In There?

The dusty, unmarked road leads to the front port of Area 51 in the midst of the barren desert of Nevada. The chain connection fence, a boom gate, and intimidating infringement signs protect it little longer than expected. One would believe America is under tighter guard, with its much mythical top-secret military base, but make no wrong.

Cameras can see any angle beyond the gate. There’s a white pick-up truck on the far hilltop with a tinted windscreen looking down at everything below. Locals say the foundation understands every jackrabbit and desert tortoise hoping to hop. Others say that the approaching road is with embedded sensors.

What is happening within Area 51 has resulted in decades of wild speculation. Of course, there are the alien conspiracies that galactic tourists are hiding inside. The notorious Roswell crash of 1947 was, in fact, one of the more colorful rumors is that a Soviet plane was being flown using mutated cabbages and the wreckage remains at Area 51. Certain people even believe the US government filmed the lunar landing in one of the base hangars in 1969.

Source- Newshub

The true thing is, Area 51 is genuine and still very active for all myths and legends. There may be no aliens or moons in these fences, but something happens and only a few people are private of the events that are taking place further down the Nevada windswept highway.

“The prohibited element of Area 51 is what makes individuals want to understand what’s in it,” tells aviation scholar and writer Peter Merlin, who for more than three decades has been investigating Area 51.

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