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FIFA 20: Major Changes We Know So Far!

Its another year and fans are already set their eyes on another FIFA. As FIFA 20 is set to release and this time with higher expectations. Previous titles of FIFA have much impact on the gaming world and changed the way of E-sports world.

But there is always something which a product can be criticized and same goes for FIFA. According to Fans, it is believed that FIFA has very least amount of work to do, they used their previous database and implement it to the new game.

So it looks like there is some sort of improvement required in FIFA. Even fans demand a bunch of features in the next title:

Penalty Kick Overhaul

From the previous 3 installments, Game is not focused on penalty mechanics. This completely ruined the experience of penalty kicks in the game. FIFA 19 has a brilliant penalty system of penalty in terms of player movements but not in striking. Now the FIFA 20 is basically based on a good spot kick system and it is much user-oriented.

Ball Physics

Ball physics will get a new upgrade as it will include more realistic bounces, realistic swings, more realistic touches & passes. Finesse shots are not much better than its rival but now it will get a complete overhaul.

Psychic of players

Player physics is an important part of the game as movements and strength are not up to the mark in the game. But now everything will be under control the mechanics of the game and these factors will vary while facing your opponents.

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