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Horror Genre Legend ‘Stephen King’ Says Donald Trump Is ‘Scarier’ Than His Novels

The horror has never been warmer with the “Midsommar” raves and a good performance at the box office. And if horror is the defining genre in the 2017 Los Angeles Times, as Justin Chang argued, then Stephen King is the patron saint of Trump’s presidency. Thanks to several effective changes from the “It” record-breaker, to it’s hypocritical “It: Chapter Two” follow-up and to many more projects in the works at present, the master of horrors has seen many of his works rekindle renewed interest. Although the Master of Horror is the king of scary arrangements, he says that there is one such terrifying scenario, even if he can’t enhance it: the presidency of Donald Trump.

During an interview, King laughed when asked if he considered the presidency of Trump to be scarier than one of his books. “It is, yes, I do, Short reply. It’s scarier, I believe,” he said.

King did acknowledge however that in his 1979 novel “The Dead Zone,” later converted into David Cronenberg’s 1983 movie, he anticipated alike authoritarian figure with similarities to the president would come to power.

“I was kind of confident that a politician could emerge who was so outside the mainstream that he would say anything to capture the American people’s imaginings,” he said.

A power-hungry politic named Greg Stillson, played by Martin Sheen, is featured in the “The Dead Zone.” “My worry at the time I had written the dead zone was that someone like Greg Stillson would actually become elected, raise him to rank, become the President of the U.S. and start World War III,” King continued.

King described the characters as “fantastic things which we couldn’t think until Donald Trump arrived. But as president of the USA, we seem to have a Greg Stillson.”

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