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Martin Compston’s Wife Tianna Flynn Is Pregnant And Expecting First Child Soon!

Actor Martin Compston from Line of Duty and Tianna Chanel Flynn wait together for the first kid. In the Henley Festival in Henley-on-Thames, the Scottish-born star and the US actress, who tied the knot in 2016, we’re proudly showcasing a growing baby bump.

Martin lately spoke about her plans to establish a family and recently purchased a property from Tianna’s mother’s house, Las Vegas, just along the highway.

The 35-year-old actor said in his Sunday post when he found out that “when you’re married and your priorities grow older, change.”

Martin has already opened himself up to want to begin a family in the near future, as he plays Steve Arnott in BBC drama. If you are married and getting older then your priorities changes, he said in an interview

We are about to begin a family, and your wife needs her family around her. We moved to Vegas–I almost said two blocks away from my mother-in-law. I want a family totally. We are in that era and we were going to Vegas to purchase a house, to establish the right origins and look ahead.

Martin often has to spend weeks in the UK for his job because of his filming obligations, which he has admitted to being hard. The couple just last month marked their third anniversary and, as soon as their baby arrives, they will have another special date on their calendar.

“Everyone can say that it is hard to be away for such a long time from your missus,” he told. “And I just want to have my pitbull King explain it. He’s my wee best friend. I walk three times every day, and you’re gone than suddenly.”

A big congratulations to Martin and Tianna!!

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