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Prince Of Persia Movie: Why Sequel Never Happened?

You have seen so many movies which are based on games and they were miserably failed at the box office. Leading examples like Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Max Payne and many more in the list.

But these movies aren’t successful as these games were and this mentality stopped the producers for having another thought of making a game into a movie. So what they had missed sot that these bigger projects getting failed? Is is it direction or the plot, we will discuss in this post what’s missing.

Prince of Persia Sands of Time is a leading example which sequel never happened. There are many reasons behind the series put to rest.

Disturbed Plot

Actually, Prince of Persia was a game based movie which missed the main motive of the game. To show something different, they had twisted the plot completely and confused the fans unintentionally. So the fundamental plot is necessary for a story buildup, some movies adapted it and some missed it at the very first place.

Game Features in Movies

Prince of Persia variably lacked so much and mechanics are the main reason for it. In movies, They can’t implement the main features of the game mechanics which are quite offensive for the gamers. It’snot clear whether it is due to budget issues or they really don’t want it but this made a movie not worth watching.


The collection is the major reason for judging a movie, however, Prince of Persia didn’t make it far. So a sequel is always in doubt if the previous franchise was not up to the mark of financial standards.

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