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Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Make It Official! Yes, They Are Dating!

Shamila, Sharmila whatever you call them, they are taking over the internet by storm anyway. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello dating rumors have been around since the steamy music video that they collaborated on -“Senorita”. It might be official.

Camila recently got out of a relationship that she was in with Mathew Hussey. They split up after over a year. The rumors about Shawn and Camila started after their steamy music video. Fans started to feel the connection between the two. Their doubts were somewhat confirmed as the couple has been spotted several times in public while holding hands and kissing.

So is the couple really dating? We believe so as they are a lot of things that point towards them being in a relationship. They seem really fond of each other as we can see on Instagram. On one of her posts, the captions read as-“so proud of this amazing human !!!!!! seems like yesterday we were just kids singing Ed Sheeran songs in the dressing room, now we’re kids trying not to throw up cause we’re at the Grammys!!!! I love you forever ❤️

“I think I’ve actually known him the longest out of anybody in the music industry — we’ve been in each other’s lives for like four or five years, and it’s been really beautiful to kinda grow up together,” Camila said in one of her interviews.

They have done another project together- “I Know What You Did Last Summer”- in 2015. In one of her recent posts, she said: “me asking Shawn if he will ever learn the lyrics to the bridge of IKWYDLS(I Know What You Did Last Summer)”.

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