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What Is Area 51? Why Is It Trending All Over The Internet?

The existence of Aliens has been questioned since the end of time. Life apart from Earth has been one of the most prominent topics of discussion for Conspiracy theorists. Area 51 tops the list of the most mysterious places. No one knows what goes on inside of it. Many believe that this place in Nevada has information about research on aliens and alien testings take place. This place is heavily guarded by barbed wires and the military and there are also signs like the area is restricted and the use of deadly force is authorized. This is also said to be a place where secrets about government cover-ups are kept. Some believe that this place houses Aliens and even lizard people. Due to its highly guarded nature and the anonymity of activities that take place inside it, it has become a hot spot for all conspiracy theorists.

Recently an event was created on Facebook by a meme page called “Shitposting cause I’m in shambles”. The event was called ” Storm Area 51, They can’t stop us all”. The event was created like a joke but to everyone’s surprise, got over 420,000 RSVPs. People started discussing what could be going on inside it and where they would meet. This hopefully is a joke to everyone as the place and date have been decided by the attendees. This suddenly started trending on Twitter as well when people started discussing things like what shoes to wear and how the Naruto run could help them escape bullets. This event gave rise to a lot of memes calling out for the Avengers and some even asking what they were going to do there, free the aliens or just look around.

Considering the event was created by a meme page which should most definitely mean that it is just a big joke, people are intrigued to find out if people actually show up on September 20 to go crash the Area 51.

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