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WWE Wrestler Jeff Hardy Arrested Due To Public Intoxication In South California

Jeff Hardy found himself in police custody following his arrest on 14 July. He is being accused of public intoxication. Reports say that he has been released after paying a small fine. But this is not the first time he has had trouble with the law.

The WWE star was taken into custody after Myrtle Police Department responded to a complaint regarding public intoxication in the area. Hardy was taken into custody around 11 in the morning. He had to pay a small fine of 200 dollars but was released.

WWE has also released a statement regarding the incident. WWE has made it clear that they have no control over Jeff’s action and he is, “responsible for his own personal actions.”

This is not the first time Jeff has had trouble with the law. In 2009, he was arrested for the possession of anabolic steroids and drugs. He had to serve a period of 10 days in prison and pay a hefty fine of 100,000 dollars in 2011.

He had been arrested for driving while he was intoxicated and was also involved in a car accident in 2018. Police reports showed that the intoxication levels were well beyond the legal permissible limit.

The wrestler has been sidelined due to a knee injury. He has been out of action since April. Hardy had disclosed that he is looking at about 6 months off his wrestling career. He has been a part of TNA and Ring of horror before he joined WWE, and has been a part of SmackDown since. Jeff has also been crowned the World Heavyweight Champion twice. Hardy is also known for his music career and being a painter.

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