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Exclusive Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5 To Start Filming On 16 July! Show Star Caity Lotz Reveals Exclusive Details

Well, there is a piece of good news for all the fans of Legends of Tomorrow show. It is coming back with a bang for its 5th season super soon and we are super excited for another season of our favourite superhero show of all time.

The news for the season 5 was announced during today’s bi-annual Television Critics Association. The announcement also had 9 other shows that are being renewed for the fans and one of them was our very favourite Legends of tomorrow.

The CW channel’s President Mark Pedowitz said that they want to include all the top-rating shows and grow their schedules, he talks about renewing the shows each year building a family with the fans and coming up with their most liked shows, so fans can expect their favourite superhero show to return by the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.

We will see the entire cast returning with the season 5 but also Olivia Swann, who played Astra Logue will be promoted to a regular role in the show from season 5 onwards. Jes Macallan will also return as series regular.

Caity Lotz however, took to Twitter to let all the fans know that Legends of Tomorrow have officially started their filming and will be back soon for all the fans out there. In the tweet, she said, “Tomorrow we start filming season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow”.

CW confirmed that the show will come around the mid-season, but fans show expect the show to release around January of 2020 as the filming is just being started.

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