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PUBG PC Lite: Bugs And Issues Increasing Day By Day, Will The Game Be A Disaster?

PUBG PC Lite is having a mixed reaction by the users, as it has many bugs and other problems leading on it. However. bugs are increasing day by day and it could be a major blow for the lite version.

Gun Glitches

Sometimes after reloading the gun, the gun is not actually reloaded and hence resultant in the termination.


Many users are complaining about the recoil in the guns which can’t be easily controlled. But to control it, your SMG’s and AR recoil weapons should be equipped with compensator.

Vault and Jump

There is much difference between in vault and Jump in PUBG PC Lite. However, in PUBG Mobile you can vault and both jump without any problems. But in PUBG PC lite its much difficult to do so, double press space near a window to vault from it. Customize your controls in such a way that it would be easy for you to play.


So there is a much difference between ADS and AIM, so users have to face difficulties while aiming. So enable ADS from the right-click and then aim is getting more easy to aim your enemies.

Packet Loss

However, users getting good ping but there is a large no of interruptions in packet loss. This only makes thing worse for the game as there is a sudden lag when there is a packet loss. So to fix this just ask your service provider to clear the internal cache of your connection.

Initialization Screen

The Initializing screen stuck is a major problem in the game nowadays, so it’s better to restart the game than waiting. However, firewall blockage could also eradicate the problem of the initialization stuck screen.

So now users can experience PUBG PC mechanics in a well-established method. The game will be a huge success in these upcoming days.

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