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PUBG PC: Why Latest Patch Could Be Revolutionary For The Franchise?

PUBG PC did so many wonders in terms of Battle Royale Segment and now the game is getting more better and better. The latest patch will blow everyone’s mind as PUBG modified many features. These features are essential for the game as they were heavily missing from the game.

New Vehicle: BRDM-2 

PUBG bought an incredible vehicle in the game which gives you the chills of Battlefield and Call of Duty. BRDM-2 is a mini tank which could tolerate up to 2500HP of damage, so players can have better protection than cars.

Radio Messages

Now PUBG PC has something which is missing from the very first beginning. For the communication process, users have to take out their mics and deliver the messages. However, this is not the case in PUBG Mobile as some short messages are available for game messages. The same feature got implemented in PUBG PC as similar to Ping version of Apex Legends.

Ledge Grab

Now Players can jump from one roof to another with the help of Ledge grab feature in the game.

Kill Distance

Now you can determine the distance of your targeted personal after his neutralization. now distance will get a feature in kill notification to aware about the RP missions.

Gas Can Damage

Now there will be severe damage as Gas cans can be exploded after got hit with some bullets. So now Gas Can be used as explosives in the game.

So PUBG latest patch will be a great move by the developers and it enhances the popularity of the game once more.

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