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Why Console Gaming Will Be Extinct In Upcoming Years?

Your very favorite Gaming Console whether its an Xbox or a PlayStation,  which helps you in Time Killing, Entertainment and a lot of satisfaction after spending a lot of hours on it will become a memory in the upcoming years. Yes, you’ve read it right, in this world of streaming services which almost vandalized the popularity of Television is now against the console gaming.

Recently Google decided to launch its gaming streaming service Stadia which enables the platform of streaming video games in high resolutions such as 4k. Basically, these technologies will work on Cloud-based gaming which can easily replace the current generation of gaming.

So in simple words in the meantime, you will see one more series of the consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation are regarded as leaders in their terms of competition in console gaming. They both tend to grab the market with a wide range of games and their salient features such as virtual reality measures they took in the past gave them a slight boost ahead of Pc gaming.

Sony PlayStation 5 is on the cards and sony is already working on it and expect to launch it in late 2019 or in mid-2020, whereas Microsoft also set to launch its another variant of Xbox.

There are no details of specs of the devices and there is no sign of glimpse of the products as the company will soon decide to drop a look and design of the consoles in a customized trailer. Hardware is to expect a great deal in terms of gaming as processors and Graphics cards solely focus on the competition by streaming game services.

As stadia and other services computers will be quite powerful than both ps4 and Xbox one and will give a tough competition to them. However, a merger could possibly affect Google Stadia but we are not very sure about it.

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