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Did Justin Bieber Really Cheated On Selena Gomez? Taylor Swift Drops A Major Hint

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are probably Hollywood’s most loved yet most mysterious couple. The amount of love fans have poured on the two when they were together is just unimaginable. Jelena made their relationship official in 2009 and were in an off and on relationship till 2018. After breaking up with Selena, Justin married model Hailey Baldwin which he previously dated before coming back with Selena in 2015-16.

The exact reason behind their breakup has never been revealed and both usually dodge questions related to each other. Even none of their close friends and family members talk about this in front of cameras or interviews.

Source- Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia

For a long period rumors and theories regarding the reason behind their breakup have kept the topic of Jelena’s split up alive in the minds of their fans. At times it was said that it all happened due to some misunderstandings between the two, some suggest that it happened because Selena’s mother never liked Justin. But this time it looks like Selena’s once a best friend Taylor Swift has dropped a major hint on their breakup amid the conflict with Justin Bieber in the Scooter Braun controversy.

Reportedly, a few weeks back, Taylor Swift liked a post on Tumblr which clearly said the Justin cheated on Selena. The post was liked from Taylor Swift’s official Tumblr account which is making the fans believe that their split-up is a result of Justin cheating on Selena.

Though it’s not that clear what actually would have happened between the two but Swift liking the post hinting Justin cheated Selena is something that makes us believe this is one of the prominent possibilities of what would have happened between the two which lead to their split-up.

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