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Has Netflix Renewed Black Mirror For Season 6 ? Here’s The Answer !

The much-sought series of Netflix Black Mirror “ often exposing us to anthology, dark and science fiction drama is all set to release it’s season 6! The 5th season was aired on Netflix the last month but fans are already eager to see more. Will Black Mirror be returning later in 2019 with season 6 or will we have a long wait in store? Here is the Answer :

The official declaration has not yet announced for season 6, Black Mirror Season 6 hasn’t been renewed, and we may have to wait a while. Here’s everything we can predict about what to expect from Black Mirror’s future.

According to Hollywood officials when they asked the makers how many seasons they plan on making in the future? Brooker said, “We’ll keep doing them until a voice in our brains commands us to stop.” which definitely means that Brooker and Jones are currently working on the next season. Jones stated that they “never stop working.” Further stating “Whether Netflix will let us make it become season six is another thing. But we’re constantly working out new ideas, yes.”

It may take a little while to get new episodes produced. Much like technology itself, now that it’s here, Black Mirror will never go away as it has the potential to just keep getting more bigger and better.

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Charlie Brooker also doesn’t follow the pattern for the release of the series as much of the series on Netflix does. The recently released Season five, for example, was quite delayed as Brooker was working on the interactive Netflix film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch that was released back in December.

Thus, all we do is keep our finger crossed! Black Mirror might be back with a great season. We will bring you the updates!

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