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The Bachelorette Windmill Mystery Finally Solved! Hannah Brown’s Windmill Drama The Best From The Season!

The Bachelorette finally revealed who Hannah slept with twice in a row in the windmill. This question has had fans theorizing ever since it aired in a preview two weeks ago and it might have been the last man everyone would have thought the answers to be

The answers to all the questions, is Hannah’s fantasy suite date, Peter. Their first night was aired and everyone watched them spend their entire daytime date making out with pure love and affection.

Peter said that he honestly did not know whether he liked kissing her on a plane or a boat. He was not sure whether anyone would judge them for kissing on the train, in a house with a mouse or in a box with a fox. They basically just kissed the whole day away and then primarily fell into the night.

According to the story both of them met for dinner and Peter went on and on about how their relationships have progressed each week and how Hannah had challenged him and he felt so great about it. Hannah smiled all the way through as he told her he was in deep love with her. They furthermore grinned together as they read Chris Harrison’s offer to stay together in the fantasy suite, which was up against some stairs away. As they finally got to the top of stairs a clear view of the windmill could be seen. It was that exact place where they decided to spend the rest of the daytime and their quality time together.

Source – Good Morning America

As they finally got to the top of the stairs, there it was! The windmill! 
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