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Video Of A Baby Tossed On A Concrete Floor By Carjacker! Extremely Sensitive Footage

A man can be seen in the sensitive footage snatching a baby with the carrier from the mother after an altercation. The baby can be seen being thrown out of the carrier onto the concrete floor.

The man seen in the video has been identified as Ronald Ziedman. The incident was captured by a CCTV camera at Milwaukee Gas Station. Ronald was intoxicated on the night the incident took place.

In the surveillance footage, the mother and the baby can be seen accompanied by Robert entering the gas station. They enter the bathroom stall to change the baby’s diapers. As they are about to exit the store, the two can be seen involved in an altercation. Robert tries to grab hold of the baby’s carrier and tries to push the woman away. And proceeds to forcefully exit the store with the baby’s carrier in hand. As a result, the baby hurls out of the carrier and hits the concrete the floor.

Ziedman picks up the baby and puts her in the car and then can be seen entering the store once again and attacking the woman. The mother of the 10-month-old baby has revealed that at one point during the altercation she lost consciousness as a result of the punching. She has also revealed that she has known Ziedman for just over 2 weeks.

Ziedman is facing multiple charges for the incident including child abduction. This is not the first time Ziedman has faced problems with the law. The baby is healthy as both mother and her baby have been under medical care.

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